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Gas Valves

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Lennox 31L82
SKU: 70743

Lennox® 31L82 Gas Valve, 1/2 Inch, 3-1/2 Inch WC, Natural Gas

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Carrier 11J28R06892001
SKU: 71655

Carrier® 11J28R06892001 Gas Valve, 24 V Coil, 3.5 Inch WC, For Use with GG045, GG060 and GG075 Gas Fired Heaters

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Sporlan 10G79B
SKU: 71713

Sporlan 10G79B 3-Way Gas Defrost Valve without Coil, 1-1/8 Inch ODF Solder, 500 psi

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Trane VAL7731
SKU: 71723

Trane® VAL7731 Fast Opening Gas Valve, 1/2 Inch, 24 V Coil

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Lennox 74P70
SKU: 72039

Armstrong Air® 74P70 Gas Valve, 24 V Coil

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Lochinvar VAL1170
SKU: 73473

Lochinvar® VAL1170 Gas Valve, Natural Gas, For Use with PVN050, DVN065 and PVN075 Model Gas Water Heaters

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Modine 5H80687
SKU: 73479

Modine™ 5H80687 Gas Valve, 3/4 Inch, 24 V Coil, 3.5 Inch WC, Natural Gas

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SKU: 73799

ASCO® V710B 2-Way Normally Closed Gas Valve, 1 Inch NPT, 0 - 15 psi, 1078400 BtuH, Die Cast Aluminum Body

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Robertshaw 700-881
SKU: 73866

Robertshaw® 700 Standard Gas Valve, 1/2 Inch, 14 Inch WC at 1/2 psi, Direct Spark Ignition, 100000 BtuH

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Raypak 004306F
SKU: 74205

Raypak® 004306F Combination Gas Valve, For Use with RP2100 Model Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater

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Honeywell VR8345K4809
SKU: 74840

Honeywell VR8345 Slow Open Gas Valve, 3/4 Inch NPT, 1/2 psi, Direct/Intermittent Pilot Ignition, 300000 - 415000 BtuH

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Trane VAL9031
SKU: 74959

Trane® VAL9031 2-Stage Gas Valve, 1/2 Inch, 3.2 Inch WC, 24 V Coil