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Miscellaneous - Motor Accessories

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Mars 93012
SKU: 7146

Mars® 93012 Protector Boot, 2 Hole, For Use With Motor Run Capacitors

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Fasco KIT220
SKU: 7240

Fasco® KIT220 4-Piece Staked Tie Rod, No 8-32 NC, 8 Inch L, For Use with 5.6 Inch Dia Motor

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Fasco KIT221
SKU: 7241

Fasco® KIT221 Staked Tie Rod, No 10-32 NC, 8 Inch L, For Use with 4.4 Inch Dia Motor

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Zebra X13PR
SKU: 89824

Zebra Instruments® X13PR Protector, X-13 & Evergreen ECM Motor Protector

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Square D 31041-400-48
SKU: 77187

Square D 310 Replacement Magnetic Coil, 208 VAC, 60 Hz, Size 0, 30 A

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SKU: 89823

Zebra Instruments® VZPRO Protector, ECM Motor Protector

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Fasco KIT142
SKU: 10704

Fasco® KIT142 Conduit Box, For Use with 3.3 Inch Dia Motors, Black

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Mars 08096
SKU: 12276

Mars® 08096 Base Latch, For Use with 39 Frame Motor Bases

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Mars 07805
SKU: 12270

Mars® 950 Vibration Insulator, 20 Inch Thread, 50 lb Compression, 10 lb Shear, 1 Inch W, Rubber

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Mars 07804
SKU: 12269

Mars® 950 Vibration Insulator, 18 Inch Thread, 40 lb Compression, 10 lb Shear

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Lau 38252501
SKU: 13741

Lau 38252501 Motor Adjustment Grommet

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Fasco KIT170
SKU: 379

Fasco® KIT170 Rain Shield, For Use with 1/2 Inch Shaft Motor, Plastic