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Pressure Switches

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Trane SWT2527
SKU: 70635

Trane® SWT2527 Pressure Switch, 1.75 Inch WC, SPST

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Raypak 42-101445-83
SKU: 70795

Raypak® 42-101445-83 Pressure Switch, 0.4 Inch WC, SPDT, 3-Wire Terminal

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Nordyne 632491R
SKU: 71621

Nordyne 632491R Pressure Switch, -1.50 Inch WC, SPST, NO

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Honeywell AP5210-30
SKU: 73113

Honeywell AP5210 Air Pressure Switch, SPNC, 1/4 Inch Compression, 6000 Cycles, -40 to 190 deg F

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York S1-024-25006-709
SKU: 73464

York® S1-024-25006-709 Pressure Switch, 1.2 Inch WC, SPST

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Carrier HK02LB008
SKU: 74216

Carrier® HK02LB008 Pressure Switch, For Use with GFS3451-4036 and P361-9201 Model Furnaces

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York S1-1PS0309
SKU: 80554

York® S1-1PS0309 High Altitude Pressure Switch, For Use with DGAD, FG9B and P2DRB Series Gas Furnace, 0.9 Inch WC, SPST

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Nordyne 632451R
SKU: 80745

Nordyne 632451R Dual Port Pressure Switch, 0.9 Inch WC, SPST

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York S1-024-35785-000
SKU: 81013

York® S1-024-35785-000 Pressure Switch, 0.75 Inch WC, SPNO, Close On Fall

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Rheem 42-24195-01
SKU: 81149

Rheem® 42-24195-01 Air Pressure Switch, 1/2 Inch WC

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Rheem 42-22473-03
SKU: 81209

Rheem® 42-22473-03 Pressure Switch, 1 Inch WC

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Trane SWT3221
SKU: 82170

Trane® SWT3221 Pressure Switch, 1.4 Inch WC, SPST