Goodman GSAS-18

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Clean Comfort AE14-2025-51

Goodman® GSAS Electronic Media Air Cleaner, 2000 cfm, 120 V, 30 W, 60 Hz, Galvanized Steel


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Goodman Manufacturing

Goodman® GSAS Media Air Cleaner, Electronic, 2000 cfm, 120 V, 30 W, 60 Hz, Steel, Galvanized, 20 Inch L x 25 Inch W x 5 Inch D

  • Prefilters (2) are constructed of aluminum mesh to prevent lint and large particles from entering the collecting cells
  • Collecting cells (2) are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum for durability and ease of maintenance
  • Solid state power board is manufactured on-site for high reliability and long life
  • Uniquely equipped with a variable resistor (potentiometer) to adjust high voltage output
  • Output has been preset for optimum efficiency (voltage); may vary in extreme conditions of dryness, humidity or proximity to hydro towers raising or lowering potentiometer allows for proper voltage output
  • Activated carbon filters help remove unpleasant
  • Removes atmospheric and household dust, coal dust, insecticide dust, mites, pollen, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, cooking smoke and grease, pet dander and tobacco smoke particles
  • Electronic air proving switch automatically cycles the air cleaner on/off with the system fan the air proving switch will detect air flow and energize the air cleaner
  • Eliminates any possibility of ozone complaints
  • On/off switch light (orange) indicates power to the air cleaner
  • Performance indicator light (green) indicates high voltage to the collecting cells, ensuring the air cleaner is operating properly
  • Removable power box contains the on/off switch, performance indicator light, safety interlock switch, high voltage power board and the air proving switch
  • Duct size 20 x 25 Inch

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Air Flow2000 cfm
Dimensions20 Inch L x 25 Inch W x 5 Inch D
Electrical Ratings120 V, 30 W, 60 Hz
ManufacturerGoodman Manufacturing