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Blower Wheels, Accessories & Assemblies

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York S1-026-38612-000
SKU: 80219

York S1-026-38612-000 Blower Assembly. Includes: Housing, Wheel, Shaft and Bearings

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York S1-026-42532-000
SKU: 79255

York S1-026-42532-000 Blower Housing and Wheel Assembly, Includes Wheel S1-026-34628-000

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Lennox R76747100
SKU: 75278

Lennox® R76747100 Blower Assembly, For Use with Furnaces Air Conditioners and Rooftop Units

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Carrier KR11AZ606
SKU: 73523

Carrier® KR11AZ606 Blower Pulley

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ICP 1172885
SKU: 73533

Heil® 1172885 Blower Housing

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York S1-373-18256-002
SKU: 74936

York® S1-373-18256-002 Blower Housing

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Lennox 49G96
SKU: 74964

Lennox 49G96 Blower Housing

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Lennox 66656
SKU: 74965

Lennox® 66656 Blower Wheel, 1 Inch Bore, 15 Inch Dia x 15 Inch W, For Use with TAA150S4D1 Model Air Handlers

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York S1-373-17828-001
SKU: 70969

York S1-373-17828-001 Blower Housing

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Goodman 0150M00043S
SKU: 80168

Goodman® 0150M00043S Blower Wheel, 8 Inch Dia x 10 Inch W Wheel

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Bard S900-231
SKU: 79281

Bard® S900-231 Blower Assembly, For Use with W30L2 and W36L2 Model Wall Mounted Package Air Conditioner

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Carrier 10351002
SKU: 81630

Carrier® 10351002 Indoor Blower Fan Wheel, For Use with Gree GA Series Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner/Heat Pump