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Ductless Mini-Splits Accessories

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RectorSeal WBB300
SKU: 82819

RectorSeal™ 87733 WBB300 Wall Condensor Bracket, Powdercoat, 300lb. capacity.

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Daikin KHRP26A22T
SKU: 83286

Daikin Refnet Joint, For Use With 2 Branch Provider Unit

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Daikin KEH041A42
SKU: 82189

Daikin Drain Pan Heater, For Use With RXS15-18L Heat Pump

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RectorSeal 97705
SKU: 82792

RectorSeal® 97705 Mighty Bracket™ Mini-Split Installation Support Tool

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Daikin BRCE818
SKU: 82799

Daikin Wireless Remote Controller, For Use With FTQ30PBVJU Indoor Unit

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Daikin KPW945A4
SKU: 80230

Daikin Low Ambient Wind Baffle, For Use With LV Series High Efficiency Slim-Duct and Wall Mounted Ductless Systems

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Daikin KPW5E112
SKU: 80516

Daikin Low Ambient Wind Baffle, For Use With H-Series Wall Mounted Heat Pump

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Daikin DACA-CP4-1
SKU: 80527

Daikin DACA-CP4-1 Mini Split Condensate Pump, 16 W, 230 VAC, Wall Mount

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Daikin BRC7E830
SKU: 80693

Daikin Digital Wireless Remote Controller Kit, For Use With FXZQ Ceiling Mounted Cassette

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Daikin BPMKS049A3U
SKU: 80694

Daikin BPMKS048A2U 3-Port Branch Box, For Use With RMXS48LVJU Multi-Split Type Air Conditioners

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Daikin BYFQ60B3W1
SKU: 80886

Daikin BYFQ60B3-W1 Decoration Panel, White, For Use with FFQ Series 2 x 2 Ceiling Cassette, Multi-Zone Units, All Sizes

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Daikin BRC944B2
SKU: 79480

Daikin BRC944B2 Wired Remote Controller