DVB425 4-1/4 Deep recessed dryer vent box

The Southwark DVB425 is a 4 1/4" galvanized aluminum duct vent made with 22 GA gauge aluminum. It features flanged edges for easy installation and comes in a silver color. It measures 12.5" in width, 5.125" in length, and 21" in height.


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Southwark Metal


The DVB425 is a 4-1/4" deep recessed dryer vent box manufactured by Southwark Metal MFG Co. Here are the key details:

Type: Deep recessed dryer vent box
Depth: 4-1/4 inches
Material: Aluminum
Gauge: 22 GA
Flanged: Yes
Galvanized: Yes
Dimensions (H × W × D): 21" × 12.5" × 5.125"
Weight: 4.14 lbs