Copeland 998-0105-01

Copeland® 998-0105-01 Sentronic Module Kit, 6.5 Inch L x 4.9 inch H


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Emerson Electric , Copeland

Copeland® Sentronic Module Kit, 6.5 Inch L x 4.9 inch H
  • A new feature of Sentronic 3 is a visual indication that an oil pressure trip has occurred. A sliding reset switch (latching relay) in the front of the module changes position to indicate an oil pressure trip. The latching relay may also be used to “jog” the compressor by manually interrupting the pilot circuit the Sentronic 3 module features a light emitting diode (LED) to provide a visual indication of the oil pressure condition. To aid in trouble shooting the cover label has a summary of the LED fault indications. Below explains the information provided by the LED

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ManufacturerEmerson Electric
Specifications6.5 Inch L x 4.9 inch H