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JB Industries DVO-24 Gallon Black Gold Vacuum Pump Oil


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JB Industries


JB Industries DVO-24 Gallon Black Gold Vacuum Pump Oil

Gallon bottles of Black Gold Vacuum Pump Oil. Black Gold Vacuum Pump Oil is the gold standard in vacuum pump care. For use in any vacuum pump, Black Gold is extremely pure and non-detergent. Our Black Gold is hydro processed, meaning it goes through a series of catalytic steps rendering the oil extremely refined, more viscous, and more stable. The result is clear mineral oil which will alert you to contamination sooner as it becomes cloudy or milky. In extreme temperatures, the oil will be more resistant to contaminants. We still recommend, however, that the oil be changed after every evacuation for maximum performance and pump efficiency.
The best test to see if your oil is contaminated is through a micron gauge. With a leak-free system, if your DV-22N micron gauge is still not reading a deep vacuum, the oil is too contaminated and should be changed. If the micron gauge pulls down to about 50 microns the oil is good.
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
ManufacturerJB Industries
Nominal CapacityGallon
Packing TypePlastic Bottle
SeriesBlack Gold
TypeVacuum Pump Oil