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Malco A3
SKU: 24593

Malco® A3 Large Grip Scratch Awl, 7-1/2 Inch OAL, Shallow Fluted Orange Handle

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Malco 18
SKU: 26153

Malco® 18 Series Divider, 11 Inch OAL, Steel, Silver, Nickel Plated

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Malco L5
SKU: 25061

Malco® L5 Pocket Level Gauge, 5 Inch OAL, Plastic Frame, Chrome Plated

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Malco L9M
SKU: 25063

Malco® L9M Top Reading Torpedo Level, 9 Inch OAL, Aluminum Frame

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Apollo 20-601-00
SKU: 76418

Apollo® 25-600 Chain Lever Water Gauge, 1/2 Inch, 250 psig at 400 deg F, 500 psig at 100 deg F