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Low Temp Semi-Hermetic Compressors

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Copeland KAKB-011E-CAV-800
SKU: 4426

Copeland® KAKB-011E-CAV-800 Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 4360 BtuH Cooling, 1320 W, R-404A, HFC, 6.1 A

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Copeland 4DA3F47KE-TSK-800
SKU: 40277

Copeland® 4DA3F47KE-TSK-800 Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 47200 BtuH Cooling, 9050 W, R-404A, HFC

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Copeland 3DJHF33KE-TFD-800
SKU: 67098

Copeland® 3DJHF33KE-TFD-800 Low Temperature Low Condensing Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 33100 BtuH Cooling, 6300 W

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Copeland KALB-010E-CAV-800
SKU: 4432

Copeland® KALB-010E-CAV-800 Extra-Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 5530 BtuH Cooling, 1340 W, R-404A, HFC

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Copeland KAAB-007E-CAV-800
SKU: 4395

Copeland® KAAB-007E-CAV-800 Extra-Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 4250 BtuH Cooling, 1130 W, R-404A, HFC

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Copeland KAA1-007A-TAC-800
SKU: 4396

Copeland® KAA1-007A-TAC-800 Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 2580 BtuH Cooling, 595 W, R-12, CFC, 4.3 EER

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Copeland 2DA3F23KE-TFD-800
SKU: 43973

Copeland® 2DA3F23KE-TFD-800 Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 23000 BtuH Cooling, 4290 W, R-502, CFC, 8 A

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Copeland KAA2-007A-IAH-800
SKU: 4398

Copeland® KAA2-007A-IAH-800 Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 2500 BtuH Cooling, 699 W, R-12, CFC, 3.6 EER

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Copeland KALB-015E-CAV-800
SKU: 4433

Copeland® KALB-015E-CAV-800 Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 5720 BtuH Cooling, 1480 W, R-404A, HFC, 7.4 A

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Copeland KAEA-007E-TAC-800
SKU: 4400

Copeland® KAEA-007E-TAC-800 Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 1980 BtuH Cooling, 556 W, R-404A, HFC, 2.3 A

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Copeland KAEB-007E-CAV-800
SKU: 4403

Copeland® KAEB-007E-CAV-800 Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 2030 BtuH Cooling, 611 W, R-404A, HFC, 3.55 A

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Copeland KAGB-005E-IAA-800
SKU: 4407

Copeland® KAGB-005E-IAA-800 Extra-Low Temperature Semi-Hermetic Compressor, 2930 BtuH Cooling, 845 W, R-404A, HFC