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Manometer Accessories

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Dwyer A-302
SKU: 72650

Dwyer A-302 Static Pressure Tip, 4 Inch Insertion Depth, For Use with 3/16 and 1/8 Inch ID Plastic Or Rubber Tubing

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Dwyer A-201
SKU: 24719

Dwyer A-201 Rubber Latex Tubing, 3/16 Inch ID x 9 ft L, For Use with Portable Digital Manometers

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Dwyer A-339
SKU: 24720

Dwyer A-339 Adapter Fitting, 1/8 Inch NPT to 3/16 Inch Rubber and 1/8 Inch Plastic Tubing, Brass

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Dwyer A-342
SKU: 24721

Dwyer A-342 Plastic Tee Assembly, For 3/16 Inch ID Rubber or 1/4 Inch Plastic Tubing

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Dwyer A-432
SKU: 24725

Dwyer A-432 Portable Carrying Case with Tubing and Stand, For Use with Magnehelic® Gauges, Plastic

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SKU: 86245

AAB Static Pressure Probe Kit, Stainless Steel, For Use With SPM-100 Manometer

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Dwyer A-102
SKU: 3645

Dwyer A-102 Red Gage Fluid, 4 oz Bottle, 0.826 sg

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Dwyer A-101
SKU: 3644

Dwyer A-101 Red Gage Fluid, 1 oz Dispenser Bottle, 0.826 sg,