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Miscellaneous - Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Components

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SKU: 70676

BELIMO® UNV-006 Globe Valve Retrofit Kit, 1-1/8 x 1/4 Inch Stem Adaptor, For Use with V5011 and V5013 Series Valves

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McQuay 031784700
SKU: 72129

McQuay® 31784700 Power Head Kit, 5 ft Capillary, For Use with McQuay® Model Thermal Expansion Valves

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Schneider Electric M113A01
SKU: 73237

Schneider Electric™ M113 Electric Actuator, 5 - 10 VDC, 10 ft Plenum Cable, NO, For Use with Ball Valves

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Sporlan 958042
SKU: 73553

Sporlan 958042 Strainer Screen, For Use with SHGB(E)-15-0/75 Series Pressure Regulating Valves

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Honeywell CCT852
SKU: 74866

Honeywell CCT852 Pressure Bulb Assembly, For Use with Pneumatic Valves

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Erie 30-158-A
SKU: 81539

Erie™ VT Replacement Motor, 24 V, 50/60 Hz, For Use with Poptop™ 2-Position Zone Valves

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Honeywell 30684011-001
SKU: 81787

Honeywell 30684011-001 O-Ring, 2-1/2 Inch, For Use with V5013B-E Series 3-Way Valves

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Honeywell 30067871-316
SKU: 81788

Honeywell 30067871-316 Diverting Stem, For Use with V5011A-H, J and V5013A-F Valves

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RectorSeal DHJ16
SKU: 82878

RectorSeal Hose Coupler, 5/8 Inch ID

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Schneider Electric AT33A000
SKU: 81173

Schneider Electric™ ATX3 Non-Spring PopTop Floating Actuator, For Use with TAC Erie™ Zone Valves, Thermoplastic

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Barber Colman PNV2
SKU: 82209

Barber Colman PNV2 Valve Diaphragm, For Use with MK-4XXX Series Pneumatic Valve Actuators

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Packless COAX-2501-J
SKU: 890

Packless COAX Double Wound Condenser Coil with Bracket, 5 ton, 3/4 Inch IDS Liquid Line, 1-1/8 Inch ODS Suction Line