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Pressure Regulator Accessories

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Maxitrol 12A06
SKU: 12842

Maxitrol® 12A06 Vent Limiting Orifice, 1/8 Inch NPT, Brown

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Maxitrol 12A09
SKU: 12843

Maxitrol® 12A09 Vent Limiter, 1/8 Inch NPT, For Use with 325-3 and 325-3L Regulators, Green

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SKU: 46742

MA Line MAXICAP5R Weather Cover, For Use with Maxitrol® 325-5 Series Regulators, Rubber, Black

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Maxitrol R6110-48
SKU: 72361

Maxitrol® R6110-48 Adjustable Spring, 4 - 8 Inch WC, 3/4 Inch ID, 3-9/16 Inch L, For Use with RV61 Model Regulator

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Maxitrol R325E10-1530A
SKU: 72564

Maxitrol® R325E10-1530A Spring, 15 - 30 Inch WC, 3-5/8 Inch L, For Use with 325-5A Series Pressure Regulators, Yellow

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Maxitrol R325E10-P12A
SKU: 72565

Maxitrol® R325E10-P12A Adjustable Spring, 1 - 2 psi, 3/4 Inch ID, 3-3/4 Inch L, Tagged

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Maxitrol 13A15-5
SKU: 70620

Maxitrol® 13A15-5 Vent Protector, 3/8 Inch NPT, For Use with 325-5A and 325-5AL Model Regulators, Blue

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Maxitrol R8110-2042
SKU: 70621

Maxitrol® R8110-2042 Spring, 20 - 42 Inch WC, 4-5/16 Inch L, For Use with 210D and 325-7 Model Pressure Regulators

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Maxitrol MAXICAP-3R
SKU: 70637

Maxitrol® MAXICAP-3R Rain And Bug Shield, For Use with 325-3 and 3R Series Regulators, Rubber

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Sensus 019-01029-001
SKU: 70965

Sensus 019-01029-001 Orifice, 1/8 Inch, 125 psig, For Use with 61R2 Model Domestic Service Regulator

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Sensus 143-62-023-44
SKU: 77765

Sensus 143-62-023-44 Orifice, 3/8 Inch, 40 psig, For Use with 143-6 Model Residential Service Regulator, Aluminum

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Maxitrol TS194Q
SKU: 76713

Maxitrol® TS Air Temperature Sensor with Mixing Tube, 300 deg F