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Shut-Off Valves

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Midland Metal 46-021
SKU: 16571

Midland Metal 46-021 Needle Valve, 1/4 Inch, Compression, Brass Body

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Yellow Jacket 69670
SKU: 26664

Yellow Jacket® 69670 Modified Bleed Valve, 1/4 Inch, Flared, Gold

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Metrex Valve WCCW3080SE
SKU: 72720

Metrex Valve WCCW Direct Acting Water Regulating Valve, 1 Inch, NPT, 2-Way, 6 Cv, Brass Body

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SKU: 76340

ASCO® SV311 Direct Acting 2-Way Gas Shutoff Valve, 1/4 Inch, Female Threaded, NC, 5/16 Inch Orifice, 1.1 Cv

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Unknown 46AT-2
SKU: 70874

46AT-2 4-Bolt Water Regulating Valve, 160 - 260 psi

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JB V34900
SKU: 679

JB V34900 Shut-Off Ball Valve, 1/8 Inch, FPT, Brass Body

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SKU: 70241

ASCO® K3A6 Direct Acting High Pressure 2-Way/2-Position Gas Shutoff Valve, 1 Inch, NPT, NC, < 1 sec Opening, 17 Cv