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Thermostats & Sensors

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Copeland 998-0243-00
SKU: 22847

Copeland® 998-0243-00 Thermostat Kit, 24 V, For Use with ZR Series Compressors

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Goodman 0130M00105
SKU: 38493

Goodman® 0130M00105 Defrost Thermostat, 2-Wire, 62 deg F Close, 25 deg F, For Use with All Split System Heat Pumps

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Goodman 11084501
SKU: 39181

Goodman® 11084501 Thermistor, For Use with Amana® BBA24A2A, BBA48A2A and BBC60A2C Blowers

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Goodman 20295702
SKU: 39291

Goodman® 20295702 Indoor Coil Thermistor, For Use with Amana® NTE07A25A3B and NTE07A25A4B Air Conditioners, Red

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Goodman 20295704
SKU: 39292

Goodman® 20295704 Outdoor Coil Thermistor, For Use with Heat Pumps Only, Blue

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Bohn 28900107
SKU: 22159

BOHN 28900107 Temperature Sensor, For Use With Beacon I™ Refrigeration System, White

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Bohn 89904902
SKU: 22814

BOHN 89904902 Temperature Sensor Kit, For Use With Beacon II™ Refrigeration System

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Copeland 985-0109-00
SKU: 5384

Copeland® 985-0109-00 Temperature Sensor, For Use With Discus® 2D, 3D and 4D Model Compressors

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Goodman 0130P00084
SKU: 73531

Goodman® 0130P00084 Thermistor Indoor Coil, 3/8 Inch Clip, For Use with DRYC073B and DRY093B Heat Pumps, Red

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Trane THT0741
SKU: 72423

Trane® THT0741 Outdoor Thermostat, 76 deg F Open, 80 deg F Close

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Goodman OT18-60A
SKU: 9464

Goodman® OT18-60A Outdoor Thermostat Kit, For Use with Goodman® DSXC16 and DSXC18 Air Conditioners

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Goodman 10030915
SKU: 39590

Goodman® 10030915 Defrost Sensor, 30/60 min, For Use with Amana® RHE24A2B Heat Pumps