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Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems & Accessories

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Honeywell UV2400XLAM1
SKU: 83147

Honeywell Replacement Lamp, 16 W, For Use With UV2400 24V UV Air Purifier

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Sanuvox LMPRGXJ105
SKU: 8083

Sanuvox LMPRGXJ105 Dual Zone J Shape Replacement Lamp, 10-1/2 Inch L

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Sanuvox P800GX
SKU: 8104

Sanuvox P800GX Portable UV Air Purifier, 40 - 150 cfm, 75 W, 120 V

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Respicaire 6RDCML36W16L
SKU: 84247

Respicaire 6RDCML36W16L ODORMISER DT Ultraviolet Disinfection System

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Clean Comfort UA4000DV
SKU: 39656

Clean Comfort™ Duct Mounted UV Air Purifier, 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz

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Sanuvox SABER12/24G
SKU: 8080

Sanuvox SABER12/24G UV Light Bulb, Quartz Glass, 12 Inch L, 4-Pin Base

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Sanuvox LMPHGXJ105
SKU: 8081

Sanuvox LMPHGXJ105 J Shape Replacement UV Lamp, 4-Pin Base, 10-1/2 Inch L

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Sanuvox LMPRGXJ65
SKU: 8084

Sanuvox LMPRGXJ65 Dual Zone J Shape UV Lamp, 6-1/2 Inch L

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Clean Comfort AMHP-250-UPD
SKU: 76077

Clean Comfort™ AMHP-250-UPD Whole House Five Stage HEPA Air Cleaner with Ultraviolet Light and Photocatalytic (PCO) Filter.

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Sanuvox SABERPW16/24-GM2
SKU: 46263

Sanuvox SABERPW16/24-GM2 Model UV Purifier, 24/110 V, Remote Wireless Display, Includes Two (2) Lamps

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Clean Comfort UC36D16-24B
SKU: 94668

Clean Comfort™ Dual Lamp UV Coil Purifier, 24V

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Respicaire 4PADDY1625
SKU: 71356

Respicaire 4PADDY1625 Filter Media Pad with Carbon, 16 x 25 x 1 Inch, MERV 13, 3 Pack, For Use with Dynamic 1P1625C24 Electronic Air Cleaner